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Where do I start? Ok…. if you want a true real ARTIST go to Dr. Sohn, not only he will capture your heart, you’ll feel like he is your childhood friend .. the nicest EVER!!! He will NOT sell him self like a lot of doctors I talked to!! He operated on me 8 days ago and I can’t tell you ladies how happy I am!!! You could see the results a day later .. I am talking here about mini face lift, neck, and eye brow lift!!! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor!!! Keep up the good work, you are an angel. Please girls… don’t do anything before you talk to Dr. Sohn!! I will answer any question you have with love at any time!! I will have no problem showing you pictures of before and after!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Dr. Sohn!!! You deserve all the blessings in the world!!! Thank you.

Ruthi M.

Entire staff, Dr. Sohn included, are so friendly! Dr. Sohn does amazing work, he listens to what the patient desires and makes it happen!! Thank You Dr. Sohn! 🙂

Verchelle W.

I had my breast augmentation yesterday, May 26th. I am so happy with the results already. Dr. Sohn and his staff have been wonderful to me and I’m so happy I finally went through with it. Dr. Sohn is thorough and to the point. I love that about him. And although I thought he was kind of shy at first, he’s very sweet and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to him and all his staff.

Mickey W.

I don’t even know where to begin. Dr. Sohn was amazing from the very first time I met him to my last follow up visit. After 20 years of deciding, the decision to have my tummy tuck was the best one I’ve ever made.

Dr. Sohn is amazing, he definitely knows his work and takes pride. He made me feel comfortable and safe throughout my whole experience. Although my surgery was postponed due to COVID-19, the entire staff was so patient and informative and I was able to get my surgery in the safest way possible. I’m so grateful for Dr. Sohn and staff! Thank you!


Dr. Sohn and staff are amazing couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon☺️

Larkin C.

Had the great fortune to hire Dr Sohn In hindsight, one of the most important decisions you will make when planning to alter your face and body, basically put your life in someone’s hands. Is choosing your Doc. (I researched like crazy) The very first appointment all the way through the post follow-up was beyond AMAZING!!! The surgery day is an exciting blur of emotion! YES Dr Sohn, made me actually feel excited NOT scared. It is imperative you have a first class Surgeon (artist) their work will be with you forever. Dr Sohn and his whole staff far exceeded my expectations. The whole team is second to none! Clearly he absolutely loves what he does. Professional, warm, incredibly talented and treats you as if you are the only and most important patient. Highly recommended.

Alec & T.

Dr. Sohn made me feel very comfortable and treated me with fantastic care. I’m extremely happy with my surgery outcome and it’s only been one day. Can’t wait to see how everything looks fully recovered. Thank you Dr. Sohn I will absolutely be recommending you to others!

Jaeden H.

Both my daughter and I had different breast procedures this year and Dr. Sohn and his medical staff were fantastic. Results are magnificent and I will definitely go back for further procedures if needed. Luv them😍

It’s been two years since I’ve had my breast implants. Super ecstatic about how they look even to this day. Surgery and recovery went great. Would highly recommend Dr Sohn.

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